Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Immigration and babies

Do we really need to import people from the Third World to make up for a lack of native born babies? CNN thinks so. RAMZPAUL has another solution.


  1. Wow. This makes so much sense. I'd like to send it to everyone I know, but everyone I know has stopped talking to me since I caught the nationalist bug.

  2. I'm actually in Germany right now and I looked behind you before you warned me, so DAMN YOU FOR MAKING ME BREAK THE LAW!!!

  3. I know exactly what you mean Sam. Ive recently realized what is going on in our country and the Western world, and it's very hard not to bring up any of this type of stuff with your friends and especially casual acquaintances because my generation ( I'm 24 ) is too busy taking pictures for Facebook, watching their favorite diversity sports team play the other diversity sports team. It really makes me angry at first that their so oblivious to what's coming in the future with the new demagraphics and majority minority tidal wave, and almost Nome of them have any idea that the neighborhood, school, and overall quality of life will be affected by this.
    Once I try and bring it up I'm called the R word, and Ive come to the conclusion that there's not any amount of facts and statistics we can show these types of people, the only way they'll possibly change their minds is if they ever live near diversity, tour a diverse school, watch a movie in a diverse movie theater, or get to be a victim of a crime committed by the new majority. But by then it may be too late.

  4. Hi 5678. Those are some very good observations. I agree that facts and statistics are not often effective at reaching our people, unfortunately. I've found a couple of approaches that are effective, however. One is BUGS (Bob's Underground Graduate Seminar}. In the Swarm we take on anti-Whites by getting on a consistent message, imposing our own terminology, and claiming the moral high ground. It works, and it is a heckova lot of fun.

    The other thing that I think works is entertaining satire and humor, and Ramzpaul is the best. I've shared his videos with some people I had all but given up on, each of them about your age, and the result has been what I would have to call a breakthrough.