Thursday, June 21, 2012

Don't Tread On Me Campaign PSA

Many people have sent me messages today asking for me to respond to the new anti-White video by the University of Minnesota-Duluth. This group has been creating much anti-White "White Privileged" propaganda. If such a video was made of any other race, YouTube would have immediately pulled it due to "Hate Speech". But as of tonight (June 21) the video is still up. This video is so vile that I have had some Asian and Black friends send me messages about how they find it to be disgusting.

I believe that ALL people should be proud of their heritage. And seeing these White people grovel on their knees ashamed of their families, their heritage, their people, is very disturbing. Luckily, most women refuse to have sex with these spineless males who act like worms. Hopefully, these losers genetics will be culled from our people. I can't imagine how humiliating it would be to be part of such a video. Gay pron is more honorable than this crap.

But there are enough of us to fight this crap. The blood of our forefathers still runs deep within us. And we shall never forget this treason against our people and our families.

A New Nationalist Hope!



  1. Privileged? Those idiots pass for privileged now? They are not privileged. They are losers in the game of life!

  2. Well, to be fair most western societies were set up for white people, but that is only natural since they were also set up BY white people. It is not our fault that now everyone wants to live in our countries and reap what we sowed.

  3. People that are not happy around White people probably should be put in their own countries. That way we Whites will not be around to hold them back.

  4. Looks as though UMD has created a new genre of video; anti-White porn.

  5. I'm so embarrassed by this video that I'm actually at a loss for words.

  6. Looks like they set the video to "private." Hm... I wonder why...