Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Honesty on Fieger - Presidential Election 2012

Jeff Fieger is a famous lawyer in Michigan. He is pretty much a high profile ambulance chaser that takes cases with the goal of generating maximum publicity. He also ran (unsuccessfully) as the Democratic nominee for the governor of Michigan.

Fieger recently aired the following ad in Michigan. Michigan is a key battleground state for the election and Feiger is attempting to intimidate Whites into voting for Obama. His primary argument is that White people who criticize Obama are "racist".

Interesting, he uses as his prime example the people who question Obama's birth location. According to Fieger, these people are obviously racist. And his evidence of such racism is his claim that Mitt Romney's father  (William Romney)  was foreign born (born in Mexico) and no one cared back then because William Romney was White. But people now care because Obama is an African-American.

Of course, people DID care about William Romney's  birth place and this was a huge controversy with the Democrats at the time. So much so, that William Romney dropped out of the race.

So a simple search on the Internet proves Jeff Fieger's central example of racism was false. The only possible explanations are:

1. Jeff Fieger is a liar


2. Jeff Fieger's legal firm is woefully incompetent in researching basic matters

Such is rather ironic in that Fieger titled his commercial "Honesty on Racism".  Life is always amusing.


  1. I'm from Michigan, and I'm very familiar with rabbi Fieger lol. This is one of the most amusing videos I've seen of yours Ramz, I honestly hope "brother" Fieger watches it!

  2. Dear RamZ! I love you very much, congrats on your new video studio, but can you please get some sound-absorbing materials to correct the audio echo in your videos. Not only is it a bit distracting, but it sometimes makes it difficult to understand you. Keep up the good work!

  3. According to Wikipedia, his father's name was George Wilcken Romney, not William.

  4. Great video again! But, why do you ramz of all people perpetuate the myth that obama is african-american? He's only 50% black biologically, and much less so culturally, having been raised by his white hippie mother. You should refer to him as americas first tanned president or something instead.

  5. Great video... What type of person would actually hire this "schmuck"? Dumb Democrat criminals, that's who.

  6. So what is soooooooooo wrong with whites (the racially conscious ones anyway)wanting this to be a white country? This country was founded to be a nation made up of the best parts of Europe. That included the governing race as the white race and a mutual language; English. Also, the cohesive ability of religion was to be taken from the Judo-Christian religion. It was never meant to be the multicult polyglot it is today.

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