Monday, June 4, 2012

Obama and the wage gap myth

Looks like the Obama Campaign has decided to stick with the war on women meme. The kick-off to this campaign was the plant Sandra Fluke who enrolled in a catholic university and then complained to the government that they would not pay for her birth control pills.

Then Obama had his Hollywood friends create the video "Republicans Get Into My Vagina".  And now the Obama has resurrected the long discredited "wage gap".

This morning, the White House sent an email out to its millions-strong list asking, “Do you support equal pay for women?” Why would the White House ask such a question? Because the Obama administration, in its latest attempt to woo the women’s vote and posit the existence of a conservative “war on women,” is pressing the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would once again restrict business in the name of the supposed pay gap between the sexes.


  1. Why hasn't the DNC contacted you about posting this video over at the dailykos and moveon already. I just don't get it. Don't they want equality? Don't they support women?

    As always spot on video RamzPaul.

  2. I love the sound of the Obama-RamzPaul plan, we'd need something like that in Sweden. Around here, it's not only considered a problem when men get more money for doing the same thing. Since that has more or less vanished they are now focusing on the abhorrent fact that women and men tend to like different kinds of jobs.

    Obviously this must be because of discrimination, surely it can't be that women ACTUALLY prefer caring for children and the sick and elderly rather than work in mines or do 18 hour days as stock traders. So they are trying to re-educate women to want what they really want, to be like men.

    So far it's not going very well, it seems that in richer countries where women can choose profession safe in the assumption that they will not starve, they tend to prefer what bigoted people call "female jobs", whereas in poorer countries where the husbands mostly spend their time drinking in bars and going to prostitutes and there is no social safety nets, they take male jobs, like engineers.

    The only thing I don't get about this discrimination theory, no make that dogma, is this: if men and women are truly born equal in every way, how was it possible for men to institute all these discriminating practices? Why didn't women stop them? Weird. But I'm sure there's an explanation.

    1. That last point was a big one NilsMotpol. Thank you.

      I've just realized why Ramzpaul isn't being asked to appear on Conan, Leno, and the rest. Besides being politically incorrect, he is just a bit too nuanced.

      He sure is a lot funnier than the usual fare though.

  3. Excellent question, Nils.

    How did they allow themselves to be so "oppressed" in the first place?