Monday, June 18, 2012

Obama changes immigration policy

Obama by fiat changed the immigration policy of the United States. Of course, the president of the United States does not have that authority based on the Constitution. But we are now pretty much a banana republic and the Constitution is a mere formality.

Republicans have been slow to criticize the change in policy. And the criticism tends to be an argument based on jobs and employment. Very few Republicans will state the core reason that many Americans are opposed to such immigration. The reason is that we want self-determination. While the Mexicans might be good people, they are not our people. They have a country - Mexico. And we want our own country.

Of course, such a response would be considered politically incorrect. I am sure it would even be deemed as "hate". And, yet, just a week ago the US House of Representatives voted 411-2 to guarantee that the  state of Israel remain Jewish. Concerning Israel the politicians and media are strict ethnic Nationalists.  However, they would consider American Nationalism to be very wicked.


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  3. Nobody does quite what you do! Very amusing, very effective. This is linked and commented on here:

  4. Great post as always, but why not make a bigger deal out of that Bill? To someone not steeped in american post-war politics, it seems utterly absurd. Why would the world's most powerful nation pledge allegience to a tiny extremist state in the middle east? Especially seeing that it's politics are quite opposite to what america officially stands for.

    If say Japan would promise to protect and serve estonia come what may, and provide them with arms, people would shout corruption and conspiracy.