Saturday, June 16, 2012

Upcoming changes to the RAMZPAUL show

YouTube has changed their policy. Channel owners are now responsible to ensure that the community standards are upheld in the video comments. As such, here are the rules for commenting on my videos:

1. The Friday show has been changed to Saturday
2. Do not use the word "nigger" in the comments
3. Do not use the word "Jew" in the comments
4. Do not use the word "spic" or "chink"
5. Do not accuse other people of being "racist". The "r" word is just a code word for anti-White. As such, it will no longer be tolerated in the comments.
6. Do not post if you have a swastika in your avatar.
7. Do not make threats
8. Do not advocate illegal activities
9. Trolls will be immediately blocked.

YouTube now requires us to police the comments. As such, we will abide by their rules on my channel. If you see any violations in the comments, please send me a private message.

You can still use whatever words you want on this blog.


  1. We had an S1 flip out in the Service. After his reaming by the CO, he looked a lot like RamzPaul did, above. Y dat be, ah asks ya?

  2. Thanks for all the great videos you've put out.
    Sorry to hear about the criminals censoring stuff.
    Here's something interesting about, among other things, youtube:

  3. RAMZ, are you taking the p*ss? You adduce a number of obviously 'offensive' epithets for some minorities, but then list 'Jew' in the same sequence. Maybe you're being really subtle and giving us a different nod. But if not, the rule is crazy. If I was to say New York's Mayor is a Jew, what do I say? He's a Catholic?

  4. a lot of people are switching to vimeo from yt for more freedom