Monday, July 30, 2012

I Flushed You From The Toilets Of My Heart

We are all devastated about Kristin Stewart cheating on her fiance, Robert Patterson. It is times like these that can make us lose faith in love. While poor Robert was penning sweet love songs for Kristen, she was trying to make babies with her director.

Robert Pattinson has said he was busy writing love songs for his girlfriend Kristen Stewart before her affair with director Rupert Sanders came into light.

The ‘Twilight’ star revealed in an interview with Black Book magazine prior to the scandal that he would pen tunes for his muse, reported Examiner online.

Below is a country love song that always touches my romantic soul when I think of former loves.


  1. hey Ramz, you may have heard about this!

    Not surprising.

    1. This is also quite (not as much) revolting:
      An Advertisement On Racism

    2. I remember when that came out. It gets more absurd by the day.

  2. How about something on the chic fil a issues, after all today is chic fil a appreciation day!!