Monday, July 9, 2012

A Macabre Beauty Pageant

When I was a small child the word "holocaust" had not even been coined. The concentration camps in Germany were seen as a minor footnote to the War. Years later this has developed into a huge industry complete with yearly movies, museums and, now, beauty pageants. Of course, it is illegal in many European counties to debate or discuss this event. And, really, once such laws are passed a debate or review is no longer needed.

(Reuters) - A beauty contest for Holocaust survivors stirred deep emotions in Israel on Friday, with organizers hailing it an affirmation of life and detractors calling it a macabre spectacle.

Fourteen women who survived the Nazi genocide took the pageant stage before a packed hall in the city of Haifa. Each of the contestants shared a bit of their personal stories before the capacity crowd.


  1. Can a gentile be a holocaust survivor or is it reserved only for certain people?

  2. The imposition of the Holocaust Narrative on the nations of the West (i.e., American Empire) is the engine of crazed radical egalitarianism. Israel launches an explicitly racial version of Ike's "Operation Wetback" and the MSM hardly bats an eye-a far cry from the manufactured "white racism" hysteria over the Zimmerman-Martin incident. Meanwhile, the Holocaust is used as a club to prevent US and other white countries from acting sanely on immigration.

    As many have noticed, Holocaust worship has become the dominant, semi-official religion of the West. The centrality of Satan devil-god Hitler handily obscures the fact that 100 million were killed by the radical egalitarians in the 20th Century.

  3. Brilliant! But Ramz, you need to get your head around j-true. Somethings are more true then the truth if it serves a righteous purpose and those who are the light-onto-the-world get to decide what a righteous purpose is :)