Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Report Truth, not Bullshit

So Drudgereport and Infowars got all the right wing types in a hysteria today with this report:

 Snapshot of the DrudgeReport headline:

OMG! If you love liberty Homeland Security says that you are a terrorist!

I guess these news organizations are lucky most people don't bother to read the source material. I do.


  1. Mr. Paul:

    The veracity of your video so impressed me that I used it to create a post on my own web site, "OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE", which has a link to your web site, and ascribing proper credit to you.

    Thank you.

    John Robert Mallernee
    Armed Forces Retirement Home
    Gulfport, Mississppi 39507

  2. Great message RamZ.

    Unfortunately it seems that most people seem to define reality as a state of non-compliance to their own ideas. The trouble is, at least in my experience, that people invert facts and their interpretations. Since facts necessarily PRECEDE interpretations the way around this little inconvenience is to call interpretations "facts", and call facts "interpretations" (ending up, btw. with so-called "hate facts"). This little trick happens at all levels. Here's an example from none other than illustrious university professors. In France’s most respected newspaper, Le Monde (Feb.21, 1979), 34 historians issued a manifesto concerning the holocaust which concludes with these amazing words:

    “The question of how technically such a mass murder was possible should not be raised. It was technically possible because it occurred. This is the necessary starting point for all historical investigations of the subject. It has fallen to us to recall that point with due simplicity: there is not nor can there be a debate over the existence of the gas chambers."

  3. hey but Ramz, you dont deny the MAIC report dont you, thats basically the same report as this one, thats the one alex talked about, it said anyone ie gun owners, liberterians/ conseratives, etc were considered terrorist.

  4. Great advice, always get the facts before offering up bales of ridicule.
    You're a lot of fun Ramz but take a look at that story about changing St. Patrick's Day (not St. Paddy's Day as you like to call it) to O'Green day. While you and many other pundits started spinning around banging pots over your head to draw attention to political correctness (a tendency I despise), there was no intention to change the name of the celebration. I can provide links to the actual school calendar and the comments of the teacher and principal proving that is was just a Rush Limbaugh style hoax that took off but won't unless challenged. The teacher was just being a little silly naming the day before St. Patrick's Day. Readers can get the facts themselves.
    And while we’re on about things Irish, take another look at your take on the Nikki Catsouras crash:
    You spew invective toward one cop, Tom O’Donnell, but make no mention of his partner, Aaron Reich, who was accused of exactly the same conduct. Should you not have said the same things about Reich?

  5. Uh, but other than that I think you're great and laugh like hell seeing the way you gut that pretentious PC fish.

  6. First, thanks for all your hard work. I completely agree with you on this checking the source issue and have myself used the example of "the big lie" misinterpretation for the same reasons you did. Been a fan since the beginning although this is my 1st comment. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  7. I did'nt think of "My Struggle" as a boring book.

  8. Ok RAMZ not bad, lol how much do you know about the other political cults that recruit ppl that fall by the wayside like FDR and some of the insurgents in the MRM like GWW? Also maybe you should look over PUAs more and the theories that they actually use, you might learn how some of these things like infowars can work on ppl.