Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Aurora Shooting

I never quite understand the logic of the Left.  A crazy guy shoots up a theater while wearing a mask, so people think that the solution is to ban guns and masks. How exactly would this work? Are we supposed to believe that a nut willing the commit mass murder would respect a ban on masks?


  1. Guns don't kill people, people kill people and if guns were taken out of the equation there are plenty of other ways to kill folks if you are determined, I remember reading of a Chinese man who stabbed and killed 8 people, ban knives?And of course the liberal left clamour for a ban on guns, disarming the public making them powerless when tha fascist state come a knocking.

  2. A good comment here copied from the Irish Savant,
    "The Aurora cinema shooting has been jumped on to make yet another case for law-abiding Americans to be deprived of the right to bear arms. 'Guns' have caused this outrage, you see.

    But here's another perspective. Had Colorado not had very restrictive conceal and carry laws it's quite likely that many of the audience would have been packing. How many shots would the perp have got off before he was gunned down by a law-abiding citizen?

    As I say, just a thought. And one you won't see mentioned too much elsewhere."