Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation Thoughts #1

When I was nine years old (in 1972), my Dad took my brother and me to get a haircut. Back then men went to barber shops, not hair salons. And the barber shop was a male only space littered with magazines such as Field and Stream. Not a People magazine in sight. It was a great place.

On this particular day, there was a big blonde haired man wearing cowboy boots in the barber’s chair. He talked to my Dad and the barber about various things. Then the subject of his occupation was raised. He was a running back for the Denver Broncos and his name was Bobby Anderson!

Yes, they actually did have White running backs in those days.

I was thrilled as a kid to meet a Denver Bronco. And every since that day I became a Bronco fan.

Yesterday I saw a story in which a Denver Bronco, Elvis Demervil, was arrested for felony aggravated assault in Miami.

This is not the fist time he has trouble with the law. Previously, he was arrested when he punched a security guard at the Denver Broncos’ practice facility for having the temerity to ask to see his id.

A couple of years ago Dumervil received a $61 million dollar contract. So the theory that poverty causes crime seems not to old true. Actually, crime causes poverty.


  1. Why do Americans need all that armour on,just to play rugby?

  2. "Actually, crime causes poverty".

    Actually, Forbes list proves the contrary.

  3. "having the temerity to ask to see his id." Got what he asked for. The security guard should have asked to see this fella's superego instead of his id.