Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gabby Douglas Wins, Bob Costas Gives a Sermon

Gabby Douglas won the gold for the USA! I enjoyed the event and I was happy to see her win. But I did not care for the mandatory PC lecture from Bob Costas. NBC immediately turned this into a racial story when Gabby herself just thanked God.

And then the Leftists screamed RACISM when they say the Monkey commercial that followed the event. Of course, this commercial was scheduled long before it was known who would win. So I am not sure why these "progressives" found the commercial to be insensitive?

What is also interesting is that the CEO of Comcast, Brian Roberts, participated in the Maccabiah Games. These games are off limits to all people except to those of a certain ethnic group. So while Brian Robert's organization is preaching "diversity" he competes in a racial restricted event. Think the Left will protest this "hate"?

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  1. Komova got robbed. Affirmative action has made its way into the Olympics.