Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong - RIP

Not sure a test pilot could be described as "nerdy", but he was an intelligent and brave man. Neil Armstrong represented the possible future for our people. Sadly, with Ted Kennedy's dismantling our immigration laws, much of our country has regressed into the Third World. And instead of focusing on the stars, we now look inward to ever greater depravity and poverty.

Hopefully, the memory of Neil Armstrong will inspire future generations of young boys to reach to the stars.

Neil Armstrong was a quiet, self-described "nerdy" engineer who became a global hero when as a steely-nerved U.S. pilot he made "one giant leap for mankind" with the first step on the moon.
The modest man who entranced and awed people on Earth has died. He was 82.

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  1. Nice piece Ramz. The interview with Neil was good as well.

  2. Ramzpaul, are you aware of how NASA chief admin sees his role and his most important task as head of NASA? Check out this radio interview with Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan, last man (so far) to walk on the moon and also a good friend of Armstrong, avilable at :

  3. I usually like your book placements in the background. If any current politician is an ideological heir of Ted Kennedy it's Mitt Romney.

  4. I was unnerved by the Romney placement as well. But I like the idea of the bookshelf as a subtext. Maybe a title with "Tesla" in it would've worked?

  5. Thank you for this tribute to a true American hero Ramzpaul. Ted K. was a traitor to the country in many respects but I believe in giving credit where it's due. Ted supported the bs immigration laws we now have but once again, he's just the goy front man. The undoing of our once sensible immigration policy is because of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, also known as the Hart-Celler Immigration Act. Emanuel Celler was one of its sponsors and main proponents; he wanted the floodgates open to accommodate his coreligionists. Wikipedia has (for a change) reliable articles on all the guilty parties. This whole blame Kennedy for the crappy immigration laws reminds me of the big lie about "Hitler's big lie" that Ramzpaul did a video on not so long ago. As usual it's the usual suspects, covering their tracks and pointing the blame somewhere else. We all know who I'm referring to here; the Ferengi of course.