Monday, August 13, 2012

Trolling 101 - A Live Video Feed to Indonesia

A member of the U.S. State Department has begun a new anti-terror initiative that is unlike others taken on by the U.S. government. It’s name: “Viral Peace.”

What’s the plan? Wired explains that instead of engaging in traditional warfare, this initiative is going to try to “annoy, frustrate and humiliate denizens of online extremist forums.”

Trolling Class Watching RAMZPAUL


  1. I read the attached link. It said nothing about trolling white people, men, conservatives, or Christians, just Islamists. Where did RamZPaul get that idea from?

    I don't see anything malicious in slinging online mud on radical Muslims; it actually seems like a great idea.

    Outsourcing the work, however, seems dumb. Annoying is annoying in every part of the world and in every language.

    Use domestic trolls.

    1. Massive bureaucracies don't often just pull ideas out of the ether. Usually they're emulating something they've done successfully somewhere else.

      In this case it's already been well known (for decades) that lots of net nazis in North America and Europe have been either been "undercover" members of groups like the SPLC or sometimes even federal agents. Likewise many recent domestic terrorists were incapable of representing any kind of threat until encouraged and assisted by more competent federal agents.

      Another thing to consider is that spending money on this isn't likely to accomplish anything but make some people (apparently you) feel good about themselves. The only thing of substance I see coming out of it is the normalizing of something as creepy and perverse as going into another man's house to mock him where he feels safe.

    2. You're a fan of RamZPaul, yet you have reservations about mocking people?

      Guys like you live for this kind of stuff. You ridicule and satirize anyone and anything you dislike.

      I'm use to hearing this "be nice and civil" stuff when the Left wants me to be quiet about radical Islam, but coming from this site is a surprise.

  2. I like the idea of paying "non - extreme Muslims " to read and post on extreme websites. Our tacticians are cunning like the fox.

  3. "I read the attached link. It said nothing about trolling white people, men, conservatives, or Christians, just Islamists. Where did RamZPaul get that idea from?"

    From being intelligent and understanding the nature of the modern US government. Wake up and stop being naive.

    1. By that logic you'd be terrified of everything your government does, because you always imagine it being turned against you.

      It's a perfect recipe for paranoia. If I'm going to get mad, I'll at least wait until I hear any tell-tale keywords of the Left or the names of any infamous social engineering organizations.

    2. That's exactly why I put partly the responsibility of the progression of tyranny on the shoulders of people like you, who choose not to question every single action of government (for fear of looking paranoid), and wait until questioning these actions is now too late.

    3. It's called choosing your battles. If you want to fight the American government in a preemptive, unprovoked war over anything imaginable, be my guest; it's not my country.

      I wait until I see things start going sour before I get mad.

      Besides, you don't have any solutions. You're well versed in how things can get screwed, but seem stumped at coming up with a solution.

      How would you solve Islamic extremism? Vaporize the Israelis in a nuclear blast and hope this turns jihadists into teddy bears. Unlikely, the Muslims have been on the warpath long before Israel or even your country came into being.

    4. Preemptive war? Vaporize Israel? Are you kidding me? You got that from what I said?

      When has war solved anything permanently. Any sound-minded person knows that war creates a revolving door of oppression. Nuking Israel and taking out the Innocent, both Palestinian Israeli and Israeli because of a corrupt few, insanity. I don't want anymore violence. I want a diplomatic road to a two-state solution.

      I was simply stating that calling someone paranoid because they don't trust government doesn't make sense to me.

      Things are sour. They have been sour for years. The war on drugs; legalize it. People filling our prison "industry" for choosing to take a drug, sitting next to a rapist and a killer. Clinton turning his back on Rwanda because of corporate interest. The Patriot Act which impedes libertys instead of protecting them. Giving up our libertys for liberty? You end up without any liberty at all. No one protecting our borders. The existence of the nation state being threatened, our sovereignty being attacked, both yours and mine.

      How would I solve Islamic extremism? How about taking our bases off their sovereign holy land. Also, how about not dropping a bomb on an Afghanistani family so the orphan son won't decide that Jihad was his only possible existence.

      I have chosen my battle, and I choose to fight it peacefully in protest and with words from my keyboard. I'm fully aware of the double standards and hypocrisy of my government. They choose to hinder self-determination and instead rely on excessive control both physical and mental. My trust for them is minimal, and I want that to change.

      Listen, your not my enemy, you seem to mean well. My beef is with them (I hate debates), but I'm far from the type of person in your response. I question my government, and that is all. You fight them your way and I'll fight them mine.

    5. We have our differences, and I apologize for judging you harshly.

      You seem like a genuine, good person. I agree with you completely on the drug thing.

      Nationalism and self-determinism for all

  4. Why would they hire Muslims to troll Muslims?

  5. The j00z set up various sites to enable the tribe to monitor, troll and disrupt 'far right' forums years ago. I believe the 'Jewish Internet Defense Force' (JIDF), has been in operation for well over a decade.