Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democratic Convention - Identity Politics

Watching the Democratic Convention reminded me of this video.


  1. The Democrat convention is total insanity. I can't enjoy it or even watch it. I don't watch football either so that's not why. The speakers at the convention are mentally ill and it's not right to laugh at them. The delegates who enjoy a good freak show are not nice people.

    They booed God and cheered Clinton. What more is there to say?

  2. Ramz, I am not "comfortable" with your apparent endorsement of someone who looks like us but is not loyal to us. But thank you for the free freak show video. Sure glad I didn't have to pay for that. Still, I watched it several times and committed it's finely nuanced argumentation to memory.

  3. The Frankfurt School in the proverbial nutshell. A cacophonous rant that is familiar to any university or college student. This is exactly what students are forced to say and write if they don't want to repeat a required course in wymens empowerment or social studies. It's funny but tragic.

  4. I never vote but watched Biden and Obama give their speeches last night. Biden was very good and Obama was mostly robotic, especially in the beginning when he was talking about saving the auto industry, increasing gas mileage and solar power. He simply doesn't give a s**t about such things. The same about his (white)mother and grand parents. He really comes to life when talking about gays, Israel,not giving the rich tax breaks and moving ahead with his agenda.
    He is the best tool that the Adleman/Soros crowd has, so we can probably expect another four years.