Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"I'm Dreaming" (Tribute to Randy Newman)

Randy Newman created an anti-White video. I guess the mainstream media thinks it is quite clever. Years ago, anti-White television programs and movies were a tad more subtle. They are now baring their fangs and being quite obvious about their hatred.

I decided to make my own tribute to Randy Newman and his "special" group. ("special" meaning liberals, of course).

NEW YORK (AP) — Randy Newman is weighing in on the U.S. presidential election with a new song "I'm Dreaming," and the Obama supporter is pointing out racism with its refrain: "I'm dreaming of a white president."

The piano tune is full of satirical, sarcastic — and signature — Newman anecdotes about someone who votes for the president because he is white.

Newman, who is white, is openly supporting President Barack Obama. He says he wants the public to find comedic relief in the song but to know he's serious in thinking that racism continues. He called racism "the great issue of this country."


  1. Great song, Ram. Only managed to get half way through Randy's version, though.
    These Finns really are a bunch of hypocrites. Most research shows clearly that blacks vote exclusively on race, and that in general, whites vote according to Party loyalty.

  2. Wow I always thought Newman was black. He sure sounds like it when he *ahem* sings. Now dating myself I was surprised when I found out Charlie Pride the country singer was black because he sounded White on the radio. Guess maybe your voice betrays the desire of your heart? Besides Randy's song does not make sense. After all there are no White people just people "without color".

  3. Great touch, the piano. Have you considered using different types of appropriate sounding background music in more of your vids?