Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dealing With Bullies

This video is a tad longer than most. But I wanted to explain ways to deal effectively with bullying, trolling or criticism.

I originally did this vid a couple of days ago. It was shorter and mostly just various jokes. But a friend of mine who previews my videos suggested that I give some real advice. So I reworked this video and made if more educational.

The original story was about some fat newscaster in Wisconsin that ranted on the air because some guy sent her an e-mail suggesting she should lose some weight.

Even though the e-mail was private, the studio released the named of the guy who sent it and asked for his comment. Basically, they decided to try to bully him and I am sure the expected him to apologize and grovel. Instead he responded like this:


Nicely done!


  1. She's not only fat but stupid and a bully using the resources of her corporation to identify and point an accusing finger at someone who in confidence expressed his opinion.

    "It's not the words of one but the thoughts of many that count." Really?

  2. Ramzpaul id like to see more education in your videos in future. I learnt alot off your older videos from 2009/2010.

    The person who sent the email is grossly ignorant however, to say that obesity is a choice. As if to say its similar to how one chooses what coffee to drink at starbucks.

  3. If obesity is not a choice, how come today's Americans are so much fatter than Japanese, or than Americans 30 years ago? Evolution?

    YOU are ignorant. Yes, there is some variability in how easily people gain weight, but that distribution hasn't changed significantly in the last 100 years. What has changed is the kind of food people CHOOSE to eat. Just because McDonalds exists doesn't mean you have to go there.

  4. I got a Taco Bell ad for Mexican Pizza on the bottom of the screen for Ramz's video.100% true.