Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Hate Hoax

There was a story the other day how the "KKK"set a black woman on fire. At the time I thought the story sounded rather suspicious. Pretty much the KKK no longer exists except for a few SPLC and FBI agents. However, the story made headlines around the globe. People around the world tend to be rather gullible and still think that the South is like it was back in 1870.

Well, it turns out my suspicions were correct. It seems the woman set herself on fire. (My wild guess is that this probably involved illegal drugs.) I am sure they will still try to spin it as a "teachable moment" explaining that while the story was a hoax, it COULD have been true and more funding is needed to fight Hate and the nefarious KKK. Yeah.


  1. lol this kinda reminds of that incident when some woman put acid on her face so that she could get attention.

  2. Only right that the pumpkin got smashed. Symbol of the white man suppressing the orange pumpkin people, you know.

  3. Dat pumkin want to steal da foodstamps and Obama fones. Pumkin be raycis.

  4. Hey Ramzpaul. You actually destroyed a pumpkin to make a video? What's with the big production budgets?

    Anyway, speaking of fire, too bad Richard Pryor didn't blame his free-base cocaine incident of 25 years ago on the KKK. He coulda been another MLK in the public's eyes (except, of course, that Richard was more vulgar and depraved - oh wait, MLK was those things, too!)