Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Diversity

A hurricane provides a good example of how people react to to disasters.  The ways I have observed include:

1. Ignore the problem

This is the most common. Many people simply refuse to acknowledge that the storm is approaching.

2. Trivialize or embrace the disaster

In 1969 Hurricane Camille approached Mississippi. According to the lore, a party was thrown on the beach to celebrate the on-coming storm. Of the 23 people that attended the party, eight were killed.

3. Defeatism

These are the people who claim "worse is better" and that there is no hope.

4. Preparation

These are the people that take active measure to help survive the on-coming disaster.


  1. Being as I cannot seem to post a comment on your YT channel, I will put it here......

    If people die in a hurricane and none are LGBT, do we have to find a dead one somewhere else to ensure diversity and equality, and ship them in, or do we have to find one Bi, one Gay, one Lesbian and one Transgendered person?

  2. One transsexual person should count for all three of the above.