Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Naughty Numbers - New Commenting Policy

The Anti Defamation League (ADL) is one of my favorite organizations. Ironically, they make their living defaming and slurring people that they disagree with politically. They pretty much claim that anyone that opposes Cultural Marxism is a "Nazi" that is full of "Hate". As they currently don't have they power to arrest people and throw them in concentration camps (they miss the good old days of the Soviet Union) they spend most of their time determining what Americans should be allowed to say and think.

For a long time they had a list of naughty words. Now they have developed a list of naughty numbers. Did you know that the numbers 18 or 311 are hate numbers? Well, now you know!

To avoid HATE, I ask that people avoid using naughty numbers on the comments to by videos. This list of banned numbers includes:


So please refrain from using these hateful numbers. The more words and numbers we ban, the more free we will be.


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    1. David Miadovik:
      "I wish more Jews would stop drinking the kool-aid and realize that it's hardcore leftist ideologies that are the real threat "

      And who brought these 'hardcore leftist ideologies' upon us, do you think? And why?

  2. Well I guess this is going to be problematic for math teachers. I never did well in math and now I know why; it was the fault of those evil racist numbers. The adl needs to include negative numbers in their list. They cause me nothing but grief in stats.

  3. Left or right, hardcore or not isn't the problem. The problem is means of communication, we haven't any except for a small bit on the internet and that is in the process of being brought under control by threatening servers that host unsocial content. Until or Unless people are free to explore and exchange ideas about taboo subjects like the holocaust, race, intelligence, history, Jewish influence in society, it does not matter one iota what system we are under because our minds will continue to be enslaved. If or when freedom comes, David M., people will understand they have been lied to and one consequence of this will be anti-semitism, at least for awhile because Jews are over represented among those in control.

  4. Holocaustianity/Cultural Marxism is on the cusp of becoming the most insane ideology in world history. There are some more good examples of this from of insanity here: