Monday, October 22, 2012

The Postracial Elite - Can Freedom and Nationalism Mix?

While I was looking at Amren, I saw that there was a heated discussion about interracial marriage.

Part of my struggle was how to combine my support of Nationalism (a belief in self-determination) with my support of Freedom. Over time I have come to identify myself as a Libertarian Nationalist. Meaning, I support that Nationalist idea of limiting immigration to support the ethnic composition of a country. But I am also not concerned with trying to police the sexual behavior within the country.

In reality, miscegenation is only possible to limit via immigration controls. Attempting to limit it in any other manner is a waste of time.

So, ideally, I advocate a future country that maintains the traditional ethnic composition of 90% White America. Such a ethnic composition was maintained through a couple hundred years through immigration controls.

However, once people are in the country, I think it is foolish (and impossible) to try to maintain some sort of racial purity. People will love who they love. And the law cannot stop that.


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