Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Election - Battle Of The Bulge or Thermopylae?

It is interesting how many White Nationalists and anti-Whites (such as Bill Mahr) both agree that Whites should not vote for Romney. I think both are happy with White self-determination remaining on the fringes. The thought that the Republican Party could become the de facto White party, scare both camps.

“This is the last hurrah for the whites, is it not?” "Real Time" host Maher said. “It’s like the Battle of the Bulge, really.”

We need less "worse is better" and "the Jews are too powerful" and more of the attitude of Sparta.


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  2. The greeks lost at Thermopylae but came back and later won at Salamis and Plataea.

    I understand the very negative symbolic impact and other negative things of a black president in the US, but I don't think Romney woul'd have accomplished much. And if he doesn't, which he wouldn't, he would be making things worse. A Romney winning wouldn't have been much of a victory. There are things beeing done – A3P, Ron Paul etc.

    So a good thing with another four years with Obama at the White House could be that the Rs and/or other ethnically conscious whites finally get a grip and use this time to do something productive, instead of complacently leaning back beeing happy with a white Romney at charge who doesn't work in their interests any way.
    The problem is the electoral system and the fact that only two parties stand a real chance to have influence. Other parties like A3P are needed to either take R's place or cause them so much damage that they smarten up.
    In Swedish media they say that an R candidate needs minority votes in order to win. He doesn't. He only needs the white vote. The problem is that whites don't vote white, while blacks and minorities vote black.

    I hope whites use the time up until 2016 to do something really meaningful, even though I think that four years may be too short a time. But maybe 2020. We're allready at peak oil and around 2030 we're pretty much out of fossils and things will happen long before that. And when you're short on food you look after those closest to yourself.