Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Americans no longer control the USA

Electoral Maps: Results Indicate Deepening Racial Divide Among Voters

In 2008, minority voters turned out in record numbers, propelling Barack Obama to the White House. Similar results fueled his second-term victory on Tuesday. A 2-percentage-point increase in nonwhite votes—to 28 percent—sealed Obama's reelection, and data seem to indicate minority influence at the polls has grown stronger in the past four years.

Obama managed to win again, despite securing only 39 percent of white voters--who still represent the nation's largest voting bloc at 72 percent.


  1. Blind hatred for whitey and America is not the same as cohesion. They can hate their neighbor and everyone on the next block just as much but hey will always vote against whitey.

    They will always vote against the Republican'ts even if their candidates are the blackest and most indolent because Lincoln tried to take them off their plantations where they were fed and cared for and throw them in the briar patch.

    1. The black/brown immigrants have apparently the same attitude in America as here in England: they want to live in a white country - but without white people.

    2. That's it, Richard, they think it's self sustaining.

  2. Sounds like you are more a National Cutlurist! ;)

  3. I think you should spell out the ethnic group that masterminded the replacement of the 'real' Americans. And it was not blacks or Hispanics.

    (Hint: Senator Jacob Javits got that 1965 Act passed).