Monday, November 26, 2012

Inspiring Toyota Commercial (Banned)

I am not quite sure how the following ad got past the censors. But showing men (especially White men) in a positive manner is verboten. However, the feminists quickly sniffed out this Thought Crime and started to shriek and demanded immediate censorship. Toyota relented and pulled the ad. But, luckily, we still have the commercial on YouTube.

In the ad below, middle age European White men decide to purchase a sports car without getting Mommy's approval. This act of defiance causes the women to react in a rage. But what is horrible, is that the men don't seem to give a fuck. Showing that White men can resist authority is simply not something that the censors can let slide.

Shocking act of HATE as a White Man dares to say "No"

The commercial is actually a clever bit of film making. The young kid is a metaphor of the lost youth and freedom of the older men.

Compare that ad to the typical politically correct ad that was created by JC Penny's four years ago. In the ad below the men are in a submissive role grovelling to get out of the "doghouse" for failing to buy an expensive enough Christmas gift to appease the woman. This is the standard weak and clownish role that the mainstream media has relegated to men for the past 20 years.

One of my first videos done four years ago:


  1. That had to be one of your best bagel-less ones yet.

  2. They did get the miscegenation "right". White guys married to women of colour. I give it an 8 out of


  4. Wow! The feeling of Empowerment felt good while it lasted,....
    I guess men have always had the power, just were NICE enough to
    allow us to have our way once in a while.