Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bob Costas Gives a Gun Control Sermon

Bob Costas, a sports reporter, decided to give the American public a sermon during half time of a football game. Most people watch sports to get away from politics. But I guess Bob now considers himself to be the High Priest of political correctness. The sermon was done in his usual sanctimoniousness manner that we last saw during the Olympics.  (That was a subject of a prior video.)

Of course, the problem is not with guns, but with people. But that is a taboo subject that Bob knows to avoid. After all, it is not the Peyton Mannings of the sports world who murder their girlfriends. It tends to be a different demographic.


  1. A classic piece of Daily Mailism here . Most folk know that most knife crime is committed by BLACK MALES . So , what better photo to accompany this article that a picture of …..WHITE FEMALES

    Nine out of 10 knife yobs don’t go to prison with 20% escaping with just a caution
    Figures come as Government introduces new offence with aim of jailing more offenders

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  2. If only the (Greek)Orthodox church could ordain women! Or even just allow widowed priests to re-marry! How Progressive that would be, if the Orthodox tried to join the 20th century! Or even just the 16th!