Saturday, December 8, 2012

Catfish: The TV Show and Lookism

Interesting article about MTV's show Catfish. Jezebel complains that it encourages "Lookism".

The Jezebel writer:


  1. Lookism is a term used by disabled people who are discriminated against because of their looks. I run Outsiders, for disabled people to find partners and am building a Members Area where a Scrapbook on each members' profile will show the "inner self" instead of a facial portrait. The members like the idea of this. Having listened to this rant, I wonder, will it make any difference? Perhaps those looking at the "inner self Scrapbook" will still not fancy the person, however beautiful they are inside? Time will tell.

  2. Recently, I have been very offended by people judging me based on my personality. I call this personalityism. Personalityism is a rampant destructive force. It shouldn't matter what someones dispostion is, they are still human beings and deserve love. We really need to shake this sysetm of discrimination and form mating pairs based on something real, like income or penis and breast size.

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