Monday, December 17, 2012

I Am Liza Long's Son

So this single Mom wrote an article on her blog (see below) that went viral concerning her "mentally ill" son.

After reading her blog, I have some doubts if the kid is really mentally ill. He sounds like a normal boy that gets in trouble. Of course, as he no longer has a father in his life, his mother is unable to control him. So she resorts to calling the police and pumping him full of drugs.

But even if he is mentally ill, she has no business posting his picture on her blog and dragging his name through the mud. Doesn't she realize that his classmates will read her story comparing him to a mass killer? The more I read of her, the more I think she is the nut case. I feel sorry for the boy.

The author of the viral blog post "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" has given an exclusive interview to NBC News, appearing on NBC's Today show Monday morning -- three days after the horrific Connecticut elementary school shootings that prompted her to write about mental illness and her fears concerning her 13-year-old son.

A critique of her blog can be found here:

A pic of Mother Dearest


  1. Reading her blog scares me. That and looking at the photo of the mother, I think we can determine who is mentally ill.

  2. Lord have mercy. Note how she changes the boy's name, then posts a picture of him.
    The kid is fine. She is indeed a 'stupid bitch'.

  3. Women shouldn't have the right to vote!