Saturday, December 15, 2012

Obama must 'exploit' shooting

The usual Police State Nuts are using the tragedy to further restrict our liberties. Their goal is to eliminate the 2nd Amendment so that they can attack the First Amendment.

On a local level, the school administrators are proposing to turn our schools into virtual prisons. Of course, this will not help prevent any shootings. But it makes them look like they care and are in charge of the situation. Such an image can help with their political careers.

Then we have the usual religious conservatives who claim this has happened because God is no longer in the classroom.

During all this uproar, I have heard no one mention that the worst school killing happen back in the good old days of 1927. When I lived in Michigan I remember visiting the memorial.

What was different back then was that people did not clamor for a reduction of liberty because of this crime.


  1. The best way to stop school shooting is to permanantly close all the schools. Not as if people learn anything useful at school anyway. It would bring down government deficit spending also. Get those kids into productive tax paying employment!

  2. Did you know that Saturday 15 December 2012 was the anniversary of the Bill of Rights?

    Actually, the First Amendment's protection of freedom of expression, which was briefly referred to in the video, already has been negated, over and over again.

    I'm referring to our contemporary society's enforcement of "Politically Correct" language, plus the unconstitutional legislation banning and criminalizing so-called "Hate Speech" and/or "Hate Crimes", and why courts refuse to permit fully informed juries being told they have an option of jury nullification.

    As for the school shooting, has anyone seen the photograph of the Israeli school children, with the teacher carrying her REQUIRED slung rifle?

    Unfortunately, a vast majority of citizens don't understand the purpose of our Constitution.

    It does NOT give us any rights.

    We were BORN with those rights, which is why they're called "unalienable rights".

    The primary purpose of the Constitution of the United States of America is to impose strict limitations on the powers of the federal government, leaving almost all powers, and/or obligations the responsibility of the several separate and sovereign states and/or the people.

    In this regard, I have a couple of questions for you and your readers.

    The Constitution specifically guarantees every state a republican form of government.

    So, my first question is:

    Where in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and/or the Bill of Rights, is the word, "democracy" EVER mentioned?

    Secondly, in light of the immorality, despotism, and tyranny of the police state we now live in, who REALLY won the Cold War?

    Who REALLY won the Second World War?

    If we REALLY defeated the Nazis and the Communists, then WHY have we now become just like them?

    1. Most people scream about their team winning with football games. But their rights can be taken away and they just shrug or less.
      They scream and holler about their "Candidate" and after each election, it's business as usual, and if their guy lost, they don't care, it's just like a game.

      Everything is orchestrated, like a stage with plays.

    2. I am not sure why you ask "Who really won the Second World War?" and then talk about how we "defeated the Nazis and Communists."

      You seem not to realize that the USA was on the Communist side in WWII.

      Firearms in private hands in Germany were a big problem for the victorious powers at the end of WWII.

    3. My point is that I'm sixty-six years old, and I remember a United States of America that no longer exists.

      The country we're living in today is unrecognizable (and unacceptable).

      Young folks have no idea what has been lost, for they have never known anything different.

  3. Why would someone who was going to commit suicide wear body armor?

  4. How come no one is talking about the mother who was a teacher? Doesn't this mean that they make a school unsafe?

    If salt causes high blood pressure, they should outlaw salt shakers, right?

  5. I think it's important to put the incident in perspective, but you don't have to go all the way back to the 1920s to do that.

    I checked the FBI's statistics for how many homicides occur each year in the United States. In 2010 there were over 14,000 homicides. If a similar number occur for 2012 then the killings in Newtown will amount to about 1/500, or .2% of all homicides for the year in the USA.

    We can assume that some of the victims of those 14,000+ homicides each year are children, and that some of them died a much more horrible death than simply being shot. Those incidents do not receive an amount of attention that is proportionate to the attention given to this one event. Most of them get only local coverage.

    Viewed in the big picture, the fact that mass-media interrupted regular programs to spend hour after hour, before accurate information was available, scraping for rumors about what happened (and getting it wrong in several respects), is absurd. The fact that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES made a special appearance on television where he shed a tear because one-fifth of one percent of the murder statistic for the entire year happened in an unusual manner, and that this president is now intent upon changing our laws to prevent its happening again, is absurd.

    Meanwhile brutal killings that do not involve AR-15s or high-capacity magazines are an everyday occurrence.