Monday, December 3, 2012

Women Holding Up Half the Sky (and most of traffic)

Those wacky feminists are at it again. The are actually everything they claim they are against. They are hateful, fascist and intolerant. In an ideal world, the "Women's Studies" department would be disbanded. And the girls (and their beta orbiters) that caused this violence would be expelled and face criminal charges.

But since they are women, they will get a pussy pass. But they are funny to watch! heh


  1. Ive loved your work for more than 3 years now. I think you may find this article interesting

    Petronella Wyatt: I was bullied out of Oxford for being a Tory
    It is not just today’s university students who are attacked for their views


  2. the comment thread is worth reading . heres an example :

    " As a Right-of-center student living in London, yes, this happens, a lot. "The one thing tolerance will not tolerate is intolerance." I've lost friends, people don't talk to me, and I can't even participate in conversation because I don't agree (and I don't outwardly disagree, but I make my own argument points) with the militant, feminist, and bullying Left who infest London's institutions. Its a shame that I give time to every argument, hear out every point, and weigh every decision before speaking, but 'they' do not, and if I disagree then I am "a bigoted Nazi"[sic]. Its a lost generation."

    while Im here, here's an an example of a 'non rayciss' murder , it seems that some people are taking the " kick raycissm out of football " slogan the wrong way :

    Gang of Moroccans beat Dutch referee to death – media censors their race
    Posted on December 5, 2012
    Was the Soccer Linesman’s Murder a Racist Act?

    Marcel Oost, Chairman of the SC Buitenboys, the club to which murdered linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen belonged, said that almost all players of the Nieuw Sloten team shook his hand after the match. Only the three Moroccan players of the club threw him on the ground and started to kick and hit him on the head and neck. Indications that this may be a racist murder have been hidden by almost all of Dutch media. Journalist Joost Niemoller wrote that if a Moroccan linesman had been killed by three white youngsters, the same media would have published many articles about white racism.

    Lets hope sanity and truth prevails over the coming years .

  3. I feel especially qualified to dissect the naive , self-righteous lib-left ' anti-fascist ' Stazi NKVD bullies - because I once was one myself . I went on all the marches and threw sticks and jeered and chanted and then went back and rolled up a big smug joint of self-satisfaction , with my fellow wannabee anarchists !

    Unless it was raining , of course .