Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another School Finger Shooting Reported

When I was a kid we had toy guns that looked and sounded real. When my grandfather was a kid, he took his rifle to school. How far we have come!

First-graders reportedly suspended for using fingers as ‘guns’ while playing cops and robbers
In a move parents condemned as excessive, two 6-year-old boys at White Marsh Elementary in Trappe, Md. were reportedly punished with suspension for allegedly ‘shooting’ each other with imaginary guns.

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  1. You noticed the Small World game. I noticed the My Little Pony he had on the shelf.

    Sometimes I wonder why I like this vlog as much I do, but it just got 20% cooler.

  2. Some people here are not taking this important issue seriously. How many more little children have to die? Until the fingers are removed from all children, especially those under 7rs old, this sort of thing is going to happen again and again. God bless you RamZpaul(and Piers Morgan).