Monday, February 18, 2013

American History Z

I am an American. My nation is not dirt, but people. We have the right to exist. We have the right to self-determination.

I am not a White Nationalist. I am an American Nationalist.


  1. RamZ – I agree with your definition of true Nationalism and the cultural ideal it embodies, one hundred per cent.

    Yes, we all just want to live and let live and just mind our own cultural business – but we are not being allowed to. I think we can all agree that 'Multiculturalism' by means of mass, uncontrolled immigration, is being carried out by FORCE, and only onto those countries with a white European cultural heritage.

    The inevitable question - WHO is doing the enforcing and WHY - will almost certainly lead you and other mild mannered folk to areas of discussion and to groups that I sense you may not be totally comfortable with. It may be time for hard choices. Non violent live and let live? The Dodo bird already tried that.

  2. Yes, I am quite aware that many of the anti-Whites are Jews. But how has focusing on the Jews 24/7 since 1950 worked out for the WN movement? Epic fail.

    And if "naming the Jew" is such a good strategy, why does the ADL pay shills to create web sites and make posts that advocate absurd positions - "OMG! TEH JEWS DID SANDY HOOK!!!!!"

    To answer my own question - they do it as an attempt to discredit real Nationalism that appeals to normal Americans.

    1. Normal americans are not normal, they are degenerate freaks and jews call you nazi, whatever you do. Hell they even call Obama nazi if it's useful to their goals.

    2. Common americans are not normal, they are degenerate freaks and jews will call you nazi anyway whatever you do. Hell, they call even Obama nazi if it suits their goals.

  3. You might want to check this out:

  4. How can you say that you don't care about the Jews when the Jews are trying to destroy everything an American Nationalist stands for and cherishes?

    How can you say you don't care one way or the other about the Jews when the Jews did 9/11, and blamed Muslims to get America and the West to fight Israel's enemies in the Middle East?

    How on earth do the Jews not matter to you when they control the government, politics, media, Hollywood, Wall St, Federal Reserve, and are behind the total destruction of Western culture generally and American Nationalism specifically?

    If the people causing all the problems and committing all the crimes can be identified, investigated, arrested, and prosecuted, shouldn't we say specifically who these people are?

  5. Ramzpaul: I certainly understand where you are coming from. I still love the good ole USA, the one that existed before mass immigration, cultural-marxism, and radical individualism (by whites only) transformed it into the "trans-national" or "post-national" entity we have today. Being of a certain age (39, give or take a couple of decades) I grew up when this was still a recognizably Western country, and the default setting on most everything was "white." I have the same nostalgia for the old Republic that Pat Buchanan does. Living in Texas, I am comfortable around Mexicans, but I don't want Texas to become northern Mexico, which it IS becoming.

    However, my young friends in this movement-struggling-to-be-born, which doesn't even have a name we can agree on, see things differently. They grew up after the USA had been wrecked by the things listed above. They experienced affirmative action, anti-white teachers & textbooks & media, sometimes physical attacks, and Thought Police regulated conditions at work - up close & personal. It's all they know. They never experienced 1950 or 1960 or even 1970 America, they just hear dim stories about it, like the English hear tales of Camelot, and it's aboout as real to them as Camelot is to the English.

    So a lot of these young people have given up on Nationalism - believing it to be a mirage for old fogies like Pat Buchanan & me - and embraced White Nationalism instead. I hope you will give them some consideration. They are not all kooks & sickos - far from it. Many are charming, decent, and highly intelligent (and often highly accomplished despite their youth).

    Personally, I'm in favor of a "big tent" movement, and against everyone splitting off into tiny, ineffective splinter groups that maintain ideological or total racial purity at the cost of any effectiveness. The American Renaissance conference is based on this principle. Inclusion!

    So you will see a wide range of people at the conference. Many will be just curious, with a wide range of beliefs falling somewhere in the traditionalist - conservative - libertarian range; many will be like you, and some will be WNs or have other harder-edged beliefs. I promise you the attendees - including WNs - will listen carefully to whatever you have to say, formally or informally. They would like for you to listen to them as well.

    I tend to be a contrarian about everything, although I'm moving closer & closer to white nationalism as other alternatives seem less & less possible.

    The only thing I know for certain is this: the American Renaissance conference is the only place where I can "Embrace Diversity" & enjoy it!

    See you there --- Wilburn Sprayberry

  6. I think a lot of people are wondering why you've all the sudden gone from the brilliantly funny RamZPaul who tears apart the absurdity of the PC religion to attacking those who don't view "Nationalism" the exact same way you do.

    You're taking a great message, Nationalism without the extremism, and screaming at everyone because they don't see it the way you do.

    Relax, a lot of us rationalize the world exactly the same way you do.

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    2. p.s. There was no hidden, RamZPaul has China Fever joke in ending all three sentences with "...way you do". :)

  7. I would like to have posted the entire text here, but I am about 1,800 characters over. My latest Saxon Messenger editorial, entitled "The Racist Right", was written in response to attitudes such as that reflected here in Ramzpaul's video, but also held by the likes of Arthur Topham, John Kaminski, and others.

    The premise is that if the Right is not racist, it is not Right at all.

    The article is posted at

    William Finck

  8. I love Ramzee but he is going a bit in circles here. America is a people, and it is defined by a white,Christian culture, but it doesnt matter if you are 100% pure white. So where does the line get drawn? The line is drawn precisely at the point where whites no longer have POWER or the WILL to preserve themselves. When is such Power lost? Precisely at the point where you have people of other races resenting whiteness. And given human nature that happens almost immediately. IT begins with a small number of nonwhites who perceive or invent some form of prejudice. From there they form an identity group, fill themselves with more resentment, agitate to change laws,
    start the lawsuit industry, start pleading for sympathy, work on the gullibility of weak, naive or gullible whites. Sound familiar? Its the history of America for the past 100 years. While you may not need 100% white country, you better have damn near it. Dont forget blacks have never been more than 15% of the population. Jews are 2% of the population. Thats all it took to turn America into the present hell of "Diversity". The WILL to preserve a traditional society is another thing. The Old Republic was destroyed because it became filled with a people who no longer knew anything about anything about themselves and so giving away their culture occurred unconscioulsy until at the last moment, as the ship began to finally go under they panicked.

  9. Ramz is an entertainer and a very good one. He never claimed to be a leader. That takes a person with the strength to make the hard decisions, not just to recognize that they need to be made; few people have what it takes. AmR is entertainment; you won't find leadership there either. You're doing a good job Ramz at what you do. Hat tip to you.