Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creeper Cards!

Creeper Cards!

Feminist have complained that geeky men are acting inappropriately to them at Tech conventions. So a couple of feminists came up with the idea of handing out cards to men that speak to them.

So instead of feminists showing their worth at a hackers convention by discussing technical topics, they attention whore how all the men find them irresistible (yeah).

I was wondering how feminists would like it if men gave them cards evaluating their behavior? heh.

Defcon isn't your typical tech conference. Happening in the heat of Las Vegas every summer, it attracts throngs of hackers -- 15,000 this year -- who are eager to learn about, and test out, the latest methods of breaking into computer networks, hacking phones, and general slaying of any type of security system imaginable.

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