Monday, February 4, 2013

I Won't Stand For Free Speech - RAMZPAUL

RAMZPAUL productions is proud to announce that we are supporting the Characters Unite Campaign against naughty thoughts.

At RAMZPAUL studios, we are proud of our long history of supporting any trendy cause. Last year it was Kony 2012. This year it is the fight against Free Speech.

You can purchase your official T-Shirt at:

Here is the official promotional video that explains the campaign.

Here is a sample video.

Here is a fellow celebrity who won't stand for ableism.


  1. So where can one get a RamzPaul Shirt?

  2. I will check! That given to me as a gift a year ago.

  3. It would be wild if you could purchase one at Hot Topic. haha By the way, I am a graphic designer and I am going to design a shirt of you. I was wondering how could I send the artwork to you for you to see? I have an idea brewing.

  4. Nice expression: "Cultural Marxism", it is very used on the right political side to describe... something that isn't Marxism at all. There is nothing Marxist about being proud because you are black (or white, or Chinese, or a mermaid).

    Funny thing is that your criticism (which I mostly agree with) on those who get drunk with these "identities" fails to aknowledge the fact that you sustain similar points of view. You also want to preserve "diversity" in the form of different races, countries and cultures (forgetting that they are the result of many previous changes, migrations and mixings, boundaries were not drawn since the beginning of human race).

    Despite stealing some rethoric from the left, a feminist is not so different from a BNP voter. More or less radical, both propose a conflict based on irrelevant (and far from any Marxist perspective) facts: gender, race, national origin, culture, blah. They blame men, you blame immigrants, both lack factual sustain.

    That said, I totally agree with your cards.