Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Irish monument too 'phallic'

VANCOUVER — A tiny Vancouver park is at the centre of a monument war, pitting backers of a proposed monument to Irish Canadians against activists who feel its dominant “phallic” nature would violate the integrity of an existing Montreal Massacre memorial.

A documentary of the Amish:

Yeah... my acting is reaching a fucking epic level. heh.


  1. RZP is one of two sites I visit for direct personal perspectives on things like this. Pundits do nothing but say inflammatory shit for ratings and book sales, increasingly careful not to stray into dangerous territory like stating valid opinions that don't fit the PC mold. Careful to take swipes at political opponents, while avoiding saying anything their enemies can use against them in this bullshit popularity circus. All at the expense of a willing public of fools. They need to be trolled.

  2. The Amish documentary is beautiful. For once, the BBC showed restraint, and allowed the husband & wife of this family to tell their own story. Except, that is, for some "Are you happy being ruled by your husband?" type questions from the feminist reporter. The pretty young wife's polite but firm answers showed she was loyal to her husband & would not give the reporter any opening to demean her way of life. I was also struck by the simple neatness & dignity - which have their own kind of beauty - of the clothes the family wore when shopping at TARGET, especially in contrast to the slovenly, ugly attire of the non-Amish shoppers, all of whom, though white, were dressed like Trayvon Martin. -- Wilburn Sprayberry