Monday, February 25, 2013

Teens Enrich Chicago Mall

"Teens" (new journalism code word for "youths") gathered for a concert at a local mall and, well, the usual happened.

The raw video of the event uploaded by a "teen" is shown here:

What is interesting is how the Christian Science Monitor chose to cover the event. Here is the pic that they used:

After initial complaints, CS Monitor removed the pic. But now I see that is back up.

The reporter, Lisa Suhay, has been complaining on Twitter that "nazi" and "racist" trolls are complaining about this.


  1. Another one of Lisa Suhay's tweets explains perfectly well the reason for her position on the race issue. It is her genetic inclination:

    " Lisa Suhay ‏@NiceChess757

    My Great-Grandfather was Morris Rosenfeld the famous Yiddish poet. Knowing where you come from is a good thing.

    1. I say the same post.
      Perhaps the Christian Science Monitor should be more appropriately named Jewish Pseudoscience Monitor.
      Also, it's amazing how much "Christian" media is actually "Finnish" owned and staffed.

  2. Western Civilization isn't for everybody. *shrug*

  3. That clip made me think about one of those zombie movies...

  4. Knowing where you come from is a good thing...unless you're white, and then its something you're supposed to be ashamed of because, well if you're white, you're just a potential goosestepping Nazi right?

    I wonder how she would react if they had used a picture of Hasidic yoofs for the story?

    1. That's a great idea! Anyone with a blog should write a similar article and use a pic of "Finnish" youths. I guarantee you'd find a nice pick of some "Finn" youths raging from Israel.

  5. What's funny is the White teens in the photo are just standing there with their arms at their sides. They could of at least posted a photo of White teens running or participating in some type of activity.