Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Video theft and agent provocateurs

02/15/13 - Thanks to all who have helped me. The matter has been resolved. I am blessed to have people than can quickly help me with legal matters.

Just to clarify the only valid RAMZPAUL channels are found on YouTube, Formspring, Facebook, Keek and Tumblr.

Recently, someone copied my channel and videos to some new "White Nationalist" video sharing website. I did not give anyone permission to steal my copyrighted videos.  I am not associated with any video service other than YouTube and Keek. 

I have asked the owner to remove my unauthorized videos.

It is fine and legal to link to and embed my videos. People do that all the time and I appreciate it. But it is not legal to steal the video and host it on your own video server. 

Please remember that, historically, most "Neo Nazis" have in fact been agent provocateurs.


  1. Thank you for making the point about being White and Normal. These paid Hollywood Nazi Freaks have been a huge parasite burden on the pro-White movement for decades. Money well spent by the anti-Whites.

  2. Ramzpaul, please define "normal" for us. Also, why do you use the term "Nazi" as a pejorative? That alone reveals that you buy into all of the Jewish media propaganda of the past century. The Nazis were more "normal" than you, evidently.

  3. The National Socialists never referred to themselves as "NAZIS". NAZI was a pejorative propaganda term created by the Allies.

    The original National Socialists lived in their era. For example, they did not dress up as Confederate soldiers from 1863 and fly the Stars and Bars. That would have been quite... weird.

    In the same way, it is bizarre to see Americans pretending that they are "Nazis" from 1930s Germany. Why stop there? Maybe they should dress up and pretend they are zombies or vampires?

    The neo-Nazi movement has been a sham from the beginning in the USA. It has mostly been funded by groups such as the ADL to discredit real Nationalism and to scare old Jews in Florida to send them more money. It is a scam.

    But whatever. Feel free to join them and Seig Heil and 14/88 all you want. I just don't want to be associated with such people.

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  5. I will clarify a bit from the original version of this comment.

    Funny, your use of the term "neo-Nazi" in conjunction with the term "Nazi" implies that there are older, or perhaps "paleo-" Nazis. If they are not the National Socialists which you refer to, please identify them for me. Also, you won't find me using the terms "Sieg Heil" or "14/88" in the manner which you describe, so please do not confuse me with the play-dress-up crowd.

    Someone just referred me to the "American History 2" video you did. Ramzpaul, your rejection of racial realities represents compromise. A hundred shades of gray cannot be White, and if there is no White ideal then what is White cannot survive. If a nationalist is not an ethnic nationalist, then he is no nationalist at all. It seems to me as if you are compromising on the race issue in order to be more palatable to the Jared Taylor crowd you are cozying up to. They have already failed, and so shall you if that is your direction.

  6. And would you please define "normal"?

  7. I have an afterthought, If I get caught speaking at an NSM rally, does that make me a neo-Nazi any more than your speaking at Amren might make you a neo-Con???

  8. There were the original National Socialists in Germany. And now we have the new people who pretend to be National Socialists - neo Nazis. Neo meaning "new".

    And you do realize that not even the original National Socialists shared your concept of absolute racial purity. The Nuremberg Laws allowed for "shades of grey". So if you believe in the "one drop rule" you must consider Hitler to be a degenerate race mixer. Because you could be a German citizen even if you had a great grandparent that was Jewish.

    And then there is the fact that Hitler was allies with the Japanese! What true Aryan warrior would ally with the Yellow Horde?

  9. Whoever implied that Hitler and the National Socialists were without error? All men and and their contrivances contain error. We should learn from their mistakes, and not mimic them.

  10. For you information:

    I had a couple of your videos posted on a couple of my own sites. I was hosting them myself, as I am wont to do with everything that I post. When I posted them, I had put links to this blog and to your Youtube page. I took them all down. I would not want you to be offended at some time in the future.

    Why did I post them? Because I thought they contained an important and relevant message which was edifying to our race.

    Was I stealing? I think not. I also give away all of my own work on those same sites, free of charge, and I did not think that you had any expectation of profit from your videos. So how could I be stealing?

    Why did I host them myself? Because such things on YouTube or other such sites can disappear in an instant at the whims of the enemies of our race. If you value your race above your message, you will give the message away without complaining.

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  13. Not "every" white nationalist is an ADL agent. There are some, but also genuine people who are worried about future of our race and share the same ideals as original national socialists. Putting them under one label of "hollywood nazis" a la Don Black (jewish), NSM (overweight rednecks in funny costumes) or Harold Covington (FBI informant) is unfair and not helping the cause.

    Otherwise this is same kind of attitude like Alex Jones promotes, a la every nationalist is FBI snitch who want you to go gas the jews, etc. This is no joke, we are facing racial genocide to extinction and there is no more time to play PC games with the jews. We have to hit people with real and hard information on every front.

  14. I never claimed every WN is an agent. But I would guess 80% of the kooky ones are.

    Anyway, does not matter that much as I am not in any political movement. I just make videos.

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