Saturday, February 9, 2013

LA Gang Ambushes Paper Girls

What is curious about this incident is how weak the government appears. The LAPD press conference was held in an underground room for security:

Dorner, 33, had several weapons including an assault rifle, said police Chief Charlie Beck, who urged him to surrender at a press conference held amid heightened security in an underground room at police headquarters.

Stable and Free countries don't require government officials to hide in bunkers.  As the United States becomes more diverse we will start to see an increase in the militarization of the police. The main goal of the police will be to attempt to keep the fractured citizens under control of the Federal government.

Below is a picture of the vehicle that was shot up by the LAPD. According to the victims, the police just opened fire on the vehicle without any warning. Two older Mexican ladies who were delivering newspapers were shot. This is something we would expect to see in Mexico City, not America.

While the State has sophisticated weaponry and technology, the people loyal to the regime are becoming increasing unreliable. The government will count on diverse leaders such as pictured below (West Point students) to maintain control of a splintering country. I am not sure that the new "diverse" military will be able to win an asymmetrical war against groups such as the Mexican drug cartels. Especially, when many of the Federal agents will have racial ties to the "enemy".

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