Saturday, February 16, 2013

Yellow Peril and AmRen conference 2013

I will be speaking at the 2013 American Renaissance conference. I encourage you to attend! I would love to meet many of you in real life. And while many of these people are quite scholarly, I would like to have some fellow drinkers in the bar with me. We will have to show the European guests that we Americans can also drink!

I feel sort of bad though. As usual, I am the biggest source of controversy. I am a Nationalist who likes people of other races. So there is a big debate if I even should be a speaker. Probably not! But we will have a good time.

I plan to use this conference as a stepping stone. Today spokesman for the White Race. Tomorrow, leader of all of humanity. Sith Lord RAMZ.


Better have a gun with RAMZPAUL around


  1. Hey Ramzpaul, I'll be there. Looking forward to your speech as our foremost spokesman. (No pressure!) And though my limit these days is one drink, I'll be happy to buy you one as well.--- Wilburn Sprayberry

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