Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brown University Hosts Anti Race Mixing Workshop

Cultural Marxism continues its descent into absolute insanity. As part of their commitment to "anti-racism" they are holding a workshop to encourage people of color queers to NOT be attracted to White queers. I guess anti-racism really IS a code word for anti-White.

A group of Brown University students appear to be preparing an on-campus workshop in which “queer” participants will separate by race to work past their sexual attraction to Caucasians.

We “find ourselves falling always for the white queers... wishing we could have more agency in the process, be more intentional about who we desire and how,” reads the official Facebook description of the event.

“We are invested in generating a politics of sexuality that compels us to interrogate beauty as privilege and constructed by systems of white supremacy, ableism, capitalism, and heteronormativity,” it continues.

Here is the Facebook of the organization:

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