Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dongle Joke Offends Girl

Adria Richards, "Technology evangelist" and empowered woman, was offended while eavesdropping at a technology conference. A man seated behind her made a private joke to his friend about a "dongle". Adria immediately took his picture (without consent) and sent the picture to Twitter (see below). The man was later fired for offending the tender and delicate sensibilities of Miss Richards.

Here is the unathorized pic she took of the man who made a "dongle" joke to his friend.

Here is a vid of Miss Richards. Miss Richards is a "technology evangelist". Mostly that seems to consist of bitching that there are too many men in technology.


  1. A bigger question is what kind of a company fires a person for such a thing. They're the ones who deserve the real ridicule.

  2. SendGrid, who apparently employ this horrorible creature, have fired her after a massive campaign by people who were outraged by her actions.