Monday, March 25, 2013

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Bertolli, Enjoy Double Standards

This is an example of some guy complaining about the "double standard". Of course the double standard exists. But once you complain about the double standard you are implicitly supporting the premise. And that premise is that it is a good thing to have the nanny state to regulate humor.

This is defintely sending double standards that it’s ok for women to objectify men, but not the other way around. Obviously, this is not Bertolli’s problem as it’s a cultural issue. However Bertolli should Know better then to promote through sexual objectification, as the expense of one gender. It’s unfair on men and they shouldn’t be using objectification of anyone to sell as it only enforces the idea of being ‘sexy’ is physical, and not mental.

How HERE is a delightfully funny and sexist ad:

And I love these Panda ads a friend showed me tonight. Pandas and random acts of violence.

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