Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fallon Fox - Transgender MMA fighter

Feminists have themselves in a trap with the "transgender" issue. If they allow anyone to define themselves as "female" (which is the progressive thing to do), soon men that pretend to be girls with dominate female sports. And feminists can't really object, because they claim gender is a "social construct" and whatever men can do, women can do better. Based on that logic, all women's sports should be eliminated and women should just try out for the regular teams.

Such is a dilemma when you deny reality.

Before undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 2006, Fallon Fox was a “manly man” who gave no indication that he was uncomfortable in his body, according to a report by TMZ.

An ex-girlfriend of the transgender fighter told TMZ that she never suspected Fox would become a transsexual while the two were dating. According to the report, Fox was born Boyd Burton and went by “Woody,” in reference to the character Woody Boyd from the television series “Cheers,” while he served in the Navy. The ex-girlfriend’s name was not given in the story. TMZ also released a photo (above) of Fox before and after her gender reassignment surgery

heh. Loved The Office

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  1. When the fetuses brain in a male fetus is evolving, from being a female brain (like in all fetuses), the brain is ?affected? by testosterone and becomes a male brain, which is normal. If the brain for some reason is not affected by the hormones, the brain remains female. Resulting in "I am a woman trapped in a mans body".

    Still does not mean it is ok to change gender/sex or what the term is.