Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chris Matthews On Race

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White. Yeah, I know that sounds like a cliche we have heard over and over. But the anti-Whites such as Christ Matthews tend to support that notion. In their minds ONLY Whites can be guilty of "racism".  As such, it is obvious that the word "racist" is just meant to be a racial slur directed at White people.

It should be noted that Nationalism makes racism IMPOSSIBLE based on Matthews' definition of the word. Nationalism supports self-determination, not ruling over other people.

Chris Matthews: "Racism Is The Belief That One Race, Whites, Should Rule All Others"


  1. I'm psyched too! Hope to see you there.

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  3. Happy to hear you bring up the primary example of the Japanese, it was the same example I was thinking while watching. The Indian caste system, the Chinese, and Rastafarian, African and African-American Black supremacists are of course other good examples of racism around the world but a little too complicated for the average blinkered netizen to get a quick handle on.
    Just been enjoying all your videos today for the first time; wishing you all the best from a new fan.