Saturday, April 27, 2013

College's dog logo promotes rape

Modern feminists have become almost impossible to parody. They have become literally hysterical and insane.

The University of Connecticut decided to redesign their logo - that of a Husky dog. Well, it seems some feminists on campus find this logo to be "terrifying" as it will "intimidate women and empower the rape culture".

The Cultural Marxists pretty much write my videos for me.

Dog wants to RAPE YOU!

The new logo for the University of Connecticut’s sports teams is a terrifying husky dog that calls to mind images of sexual assault, says one student.

The new logo was unveiled last week, receiving mixed-to-negative reviews from UConn fans who preferred the older, cuter husky dog.

But one student went much further, criticizing the new, meaner logo for being a pro-rape symbol.

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  1. This is the one-off for Ramz.
    I just read the actual Open Letter and it makes no reference of the logo promoting rape.


    And, the article you are referencing takes much of what she's saying completely out of context.

    Feminism is laughable to any thinking person; but, her argument is that the University has real issues of poor academic performance of it's glorified athletes and the there have been several incidence of criminal behavior the administration seem to overlook.

    When the author said the infamous comment about a Husky looking right through her and feeling powerless she thought she was being cleaver referring to the athletes.

    If she weren't so brainwashed by woman-power nonsense she'd realize it's not some evil man thing, it's a glorification of morons who can dribble a ball better than she can.

  2. Insanity wolf takes the "the" out of psychotherapist!

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  4. I would rather see the other two tabs: Hottest Japanese Girls and Yellow Fever.