Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Salon Magazine Hoping Bomber is White

David Sirota did his usual anti-White rant on Salon magazine. It seems they are not even trying to hide their hatred of White Americans. Of course, the obvious solution is Nationalism. If we White people are so evil we can live in our own countries away from people like David Sirota. Of course, he would be the first trying to worm his way back in.

Oh, the thunder was real. Lot's of storms here tonight!

Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American


  1. Once something has become part of a religious doctrine you can't counter it with logic and you can't defeat it with kindness. So, if killing off "Whites" has become religious doctrine, it's staunch believers will go to any lengths to do so, even if it means certain suicide of themselves.
    Look at Europe. Christianity is the ultimate evil according to the religion of the elites. They are flooding Europe with millions of believers in a viscous religion (Islam) with the intent of wiping European cultures from the Earth. But, this visceral religion will inevitably destroy the current elites too.

    It seems you must go at the enemy head on and overthrow their power before they kill us all.