Monday, April 29, 2013

SPLC Linked to Domestic Terrorism

Here is an article about the SPLC. For those of your outside of the United States, the SPLC is a left-wing Marxist organization that attempts to silence politically incorrect thought. If a right wing organization used similar methods, the members would be quickly arrested under RICO and civil rights violation charges.

Below is an example where a neo-Nazi was sent to prison because he published private information in attempt to intimidate an American citizen. This is mild compared to what the SPLC does.

Here is an article which explains an incident in which a terrorist attack was inspired by the hate filled rhetoric of the SPLC.

I have personally come under attack by this organization because I dare to exercise my First Amendment Rights without their approval. Someday I will provide details. But for legal reasons I have been advised not speak publicly at this time about the nature of their threats.

Below is a documentary of the Amen convention:

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  1. Some guy at the convention said he was anti-Liberal and against American conservatism.

    He's missing the point, he's anti-Republic and would find it more sane to have a King. I don't disagree, I'm a Royalist as it make sense for me.

    I think the US can become greater Canada if your Republic can't function. The future King will leave England because the country will die... and so King William will be in Canada and the US can be returned to the Monarchy. One nation under His Majesty, back as subjects. Make sense no?

    The Republic as a concept is a Freemason conspiracy. The goal is to replace both King and God.

    That's what being a true conservative is in many places in the world. It's to defend King and Country... and be God-fearing.