Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family attacked for being in wrong neighborhood

The police did not consider this to be a "hate" crime. Of course, if a White mob attacked a black family it would be a hate crime and international news. The double standard is obvious.

But the interesting question is why would a White guy get gas in an all black area? Was he scared of being called "racist"?

Humans are naturally (with good reason) suspicious of outsiders. How could anyone look at the sub 80 IQ "youth" below and not be wary?

A white family getting gas in Baton Rouge, La., was attacked by three people who said the family was in the “wrong neighborhood,” police say.

The altercation occurred Sunday night at a Chevron gas station.

Attacked a family because they were White
(but not a hate crime)


  1. Poor old Donald Dickerson, he probably just wanted to get back to prison where his boyfriends are waiting for him.
    Why wasn't the white man armed and why didn't he shoot this piece of shit in the face? (The pink shirt may be a clue).

  2. Would be funny if he had a Coexist bumper sticker.

  3. Every time a kumbaya Liberal gets black-whacked, an angel gets it's wings....or would do if there is a God.