Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Flag Mystery at the House of Horrors

While I was reading articles about the girls that were kidnapped 10 years ago and kept as sex slaves I noticed that the flag flying in front of the house changed.  In some pictures, it was clearly a Puerto Rican flag and in other pictures it was an American flag.

Update - two flags were always there. They just switched sides. 

note - some people have suggested that the flag flying was the Ohio State flag. If you look at the photos this is clearly not the case. 

Puerto Rican Flag

American Flag

Ohio State Flag

Here is an image that clearly shows a Puerto Rican (note the white star) flag flying in front of the house:

But, then, the flag mysteriously changed to an American flag:

Update - There are actually two flags (and two poles) here. The American flag is now on our right. Originally the flag was on the left. For some reason that was swapped. 

Yet when I look at the house from Google Maps, this was the last picture taken (the girls were in the house at the time of this picture.)

Update - Before the incident went public the PR flag was on the right. At some point in the investigation, the flags were switched. 

Who changed the flag? And why would you change the flag at a crime scene?

Note - some people have also suggested that it was dual flag? Meaning that the American and Puerto Rican flags were sewed together. If so, how does that work? I have never seen such a flag. Would we see the US flag if we looked at it at the opposite direction? (Honest question.)

To me that just looks like a normal flag. And in the photo (one above this one) the American flag is clearly seen from the basic same point of view.

Note #2 - There were two flags on the same pole. I believe what happened is that the American flag was swapped over when the photos were taken. 

Note #3 - I enlarged the photo and the flags were on separate poles. Previously, the USA flag was on the other side (see pic above).

American Flag was initially on the left side (facing the house)


  1. I see a US flag hanging on the house on Google.

    I can't get a straight view of the house, I can only pan in from the left.

  2. There is an American flag on the other side. See for yourself.

  3. Some good photos here. Look at photo #18:

    Was a pretty interesting catch though.