Monday, May 13, 2013

Outrage as Fascist Censorship Activities Surface

It is quite amusing how the champions of "tolerance" have become the intolerant book burning censors.

The Left are the modern Fascists.


We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who 
Comes on at five 
She can tell you 'bout the racism with a gleam 
In her eye 



  1. Unbelievable. There has to be a breaking point somewhere.

  2. Davis and Blazak are both Jewish names. When are the sane people within the Jewish communities going to cast out these self-hating Jews?
    Jews are White.
    They are effectively calling for Jewish genocide right along with the rest of Europeans.

  3. That was like The Onion at its best.

  4. Great one as usual, just learned from an old video (yes, watching them all in reverse order, I'm back to 2009 now) that you'll soon turn 50.

    Don't grow old too bitter, keep the young troll wisdom alive. Better laugh at things than get angry like the cartoon characters on Fox News they call pundits.

  5. Thanks! That is a lot of videos.

    Bitter? I am happier than ever. And I was born trolling. heh

    And 50 comes soon.

    1. I have a funny one for you... I just trolled a Facebook message... One convert to Judaism (yes, a French-Canadian converted to Judaism and she's been a media presence ever since, go figure) went and checked what I posted on my timeline.

      Guess what she found? Me reposting of your videos and Taki articles, so she said I frequented "White Supremacist" blogs... Then she rolled back and deleted all her posts when I replied.

      It's a bit more risky in Canada to do this, they can put me on trial after all for Thoughtcrime. You have to navigate the thin line between permissible and bad taste, or you end up like Taki against Lord Black... or Sobran against Buckley... or countless others. Pat Buchanan and the now unquotable Russell Kirk... I do read my classics. We're just banned everywhere... if we were not, we'd know we're wrong.

  6. Just the fact that you even used the term "The Left" shows how indoctrinated you yourself are.