Monday, May 20, 2013

RAMZPAUL - IRS Forms for Marxist Party Members

Bill Mahr did a comedy video concerning the IRS targeting Tea Party members. He was joined by the seriously obese Michael Moore. (I swear that guy looks fatter every time I see him.) Michael was good to wheeze and laugh at all of the jokes.

I decided to have some fun and redo his video from the Conservative perspective.


  1. I decided to watch your video after Maher's, since I knew Maher's would piss me off and yours would make me feel better. Kind of like taking a shot of cheap liberal and chasing it with white conservative sense.

    Leave it to Maher and Moore, great champions of equality of all people, to mock a specific victim as opposed to accepting accountability for endorsing such a vile outfit. Personally? I don't think I could stare straight-faced at millions of my countrymen, after having been outed as a hypocrite so often, or selling my nation up the river for a profit. These are the delusional commies our young people take their "moral" cues from.

  2. Bill Maher; I can't stand that Jew prick. Michael Moore; I can't stand that Jew ass kisser.

  3. still laughing .....bwaaaahahahahaaaaa!!!